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Why property investor Martin Adams left bustling London for Grimsby

How one man’s move turned into a life-changing adventure.

Martin Adams, a 31-year-old property investor and entrepreneur, made a drastic decision in January that would change his life forever. Tired of the financial hurdles and high cost of living in London, Adams packed his bags and moved to Grimsby “on a whim” after discovering that some properties in the area were selling for as little as £40,000.

Adams said to Grimsby Live, “It’s a huge, drastic change. A lot of things are very different up here, sometimes it feels like I’m in a foreign country. I didn’t realise why I was moving up here until I moved up here. I didn’t know anyone here so it was a blind decision.”

The stark contrast between life in London and Grimsby was immediately apparent to Adams. “London is so expensive and you’re expected to be happy whilst having pretty much nothing. People are working 40 hours a week just to have the bare minimum, but there’s enough opportunity here to be able to live comfortably and still not have to work every hour of the day,” he said.

One of the first things Adams noticed about Grimsby was the friendliness of the locals and the significantly lower cost of living. “The first thing I noticed is how friendly people are, and there’s no divergence between the wealthy and the more financially strict people. It’s been lovely to come here and be made to feel so welcome,” he said.

Adams also highlighted the difference in the cost of everyday items, such as a pint of Coke, which costs around £2.50 in Grimsby compared to £4.75 in London. “Your money goes so much further here,” he added.

The disparity in rental prices between the two locations is also striking. Adams now rents out his house in the south, with his tenants paying more for one room than it costs to rent a three-bedroomed house in Grimsby. “Here, you can rent a nice three-bedroomed house for £650 to £750. It’s crazy to think that will only get you a double bedroom in a house in London,” he said.

Inspired by the warm welcome he received in Grimsby, Adams has decided to give back to the community by purchasing several homes in the area and renovating them before renting them out at a low cost to those most in need. He is working with North East Lincolnshire Council and local housing associations to help less fortunate individuals get off the streets and into permanent accommodation.

“We’re buying houses between £40,000 and £50,000 that no one wants to live in, spending a bit of money doing them up and making them liveable, and giving them back to the community at an affordable rate rather than hiking the prices up, which a lot of bigger companies do,” Adams explained.

After four months in Grimsby, Adams has no plans to leave. The friendliness of the locals, cheaper cost of living, and better work-life balance have convinced him that his whimsical decision to move was one of the best he has ever made.

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