Editorial Guidelines

At PIE MAG, we are committed to delivering accurate, fair, and comprehensive coverage of the property industry. Our mission is to provide you with the information you need to navigate the complex world of real estate while fostering meaningful discussions and debates among industry professionals.

As a respected voice in the property sector, we pride ourselves on being a platform where diverse perspectives can be shared and heard. We engage with our readers, seeking their opinions and providing them with the opportunity to express their views on the issues that matter most to them.

Our Promise to You

  1. To report on property-related stories of public interest with accuracy and fairness
  2. To treat our readers with respect and to deliver property news and insights you can trust
  3. To advocate for the interests of the property industry and be a voice for our community
  4. To hold decision-makers accountable for their actions and policies affecting the property sector
  5. To listen to our readers and promptly address their queries and concerns within a clearly defined timeframe
  6. To provide in-depth, investigative journalism and thought-provoking opinions that contribute to the quality of debate within the property industry
  7. To remain politically neutral while encouraging all those who strive for the betterment of the property sector
  8. To acknowledge and swiftly correct any genuine mistakes we may make
  9. To keep a close eye on the activities of public bodies and their impact on the property industry
  10. To ensure our coverage is inclusive and does not discriminate against anyone, particularly based on religious belief, ethnicity, or sexual orientation
  11. To present content in a manner suitable for all audiences interested in the property sector
  12. To adhere to the highest standards of journalistic integrity and ethics

At PIE MAG, we are dedicated to serving the property industry by providing reliable information, stimulating debates, and upholding the values that make our sector thrive.

PIE MAG and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

At PIE MAG, we are always exploring innovative ways to generate valuable content for our website and print publications. As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to make headlines, we recognize its potential to revolutionize the way we report on the property industry. However, we are also mindful of the need for caution and responsibility when integrating this new technology into our journalistic practices.

To ensure transparency and maintain the trust of our readers, we at PIE MAG pledge the following:

  • We will use artificial intelligence to enhance our property journalism, not replace it
  • We will continue to employ human oversight on all content prior to publication
  • We will clearly acknowledge and label any piece of content that involves AI

We firmly believe that AI can work in harmony with our experienced property journalists, enabling them to produce more insightful, original, and engaging content for our readers.

We will initially test AI-generated text within controlled, innovative contexts before incorporating it into our live publishing environment.

Examples may include stories that leverage AI to analyze large datasets and provide statistics-based content, such as localized property market reports.

In such cases, we will prominently display that the article has been generated with the support of AI through the byline information.

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of our AI-assisted content, we will exclusively use authoritative and trusted datasets. Furthermore, in collaboration with our partners, we will develop our own AI technologies to further enhance the quality and precision of our output.

Regardless of the content we produce, it will always be overseen and monitored by a human editor.

We will take all reasonable care to avoid infringing on the copyright of third parties when using AI to support our content creation, and we will adhere to industry codes of conduct as they continue to evolve in this area.

Every journalist on the PIE MAG team is ultimately responsible for the accuracy, fairness, balance, originality, and integrity of every word they publish, in accordance with our editorial standards.

PIE MAG will strive to ensure compliance with UK GDPR regulations to the fullest extent possible in our use of AI. This includes, where appropriate, completing Data Protection Impact Assessments before implementing AI technology.