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Pie-Mag.Com pools a unique collection of professional property investors, including the founder, Sue F. Rutledge, to meticulously and comprehensively analyze property investment’s nitty-gritty. Our enduring mission and vision include being a complete guide for active property investors and anyone who might want to invest in the real estate property; you’ll be right to call the blog property investment coach.

We’ll daily examine the various types of investment properties, such as the residential and commercial properties, and potential investment durations like long and short term investment periods. If you find yourself wondering whether property investment is for you or you aren’t confident of the exact investment you can dabble into, then welcome to Pie-Mag.Com, the number one choice blog for successful investors.

On this blog, we’ll regularly provide free questionnaires for our readers to help them discover their best investment potentials and the exact investment they can go into, plus the best investment periods. And for beginners investors who might not be conversant with property investment, there is a unique package program purposely created for them, all through this blog. We’ve assigned a group of talented investor-teachers who are enthusiastic about coaching beginning investors in their property investment journey.

Not only that, as you might have rightly expected, the excellent founder of this incredible blog will be happy to share her successful investments’ recipes, and many top property investors will also do likewise. Have you ever recorded considerable success in property investment? Will you be happy to help others? If your answer was yes to the above questions, then the commentary section is readily available for your use.

Our blog understands the need for collective learning, and we have provided the commentary section for our readers to comment, share their experiences, and air their views on property investments. There’s also a special gift package for readers who comment actively on the blog. Likewise, there’ll be weekly active consultation periods with the blog’s founder and other investors from interested readers.

Thus, consider bringing all your burning property investment questions as we’ll harness every reasonable means to provide the right answers to them.  Additionally, there’s a free property investment evaluation software available for our readers to track their periodic investment engagements and guide their decisions. Property investment articles, tips, and advice will be richly available for your utilization on this blog.

Since we’re a family of exceptional investors, we all understand the many risks associated with investments, especially property investment, such as market risk and interest risk. Our blog covers free insurance programs, particularly for start-up property investors, with minimal investment knowledge. However, these insurance programs aren’t only limited to beginner investors; we also extended it to professional and active investors without any discrimination.

Pie-Mag.Com will also publish authorized weekly stories of successful property investors to inspire and motivate our readers. Regardless of your country, we’re at your service as we aren’t limited to any geographical location. If you’ve ever lost hope in property investment, we hope to flame your hope once again through our blog. Whether you’re a potential property investor, a student, or an active property investor, go ahead, and make this blog your number one go-to for everything about property investment. Share with your family and friends and enjoy the rich features the blog has to offer.

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