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Greek neobank snappi secures European Central Bank license

snappi, Greece’s trailblazing neobank, has been granted a universal banking license by the European Central Bank.

Latest news from snappi, Greece’s trailblazing neobank, has been granted a universal banking license by the European Central Bank (ECB), setting the stage for a new era of digital banking.

snappi, the innovative Greek neobank, has achieved a significant milestone by receiving a universal banking license from the European Central Bank (ECB), following a proposal from the Bank of Greece. This regulatory approval marks the first step in snappi’s ambitious plans to offer next-generation financial services across the Eurozone.

The ECB’s decision to grant snappi a full banking license allows the neobank to conduct a wide range of banking activities, including accepting deposits and providing loans. This approval comes as a testament to the expertise and dedication of snappi’s team, which worked closely with regulatory authorities throughout the licensing process.

Christos Megalou, Chairman of snappi’s Board of Directors and CEO of Piraeus Bank, expressed his enthusiasm: “I am very pleased that snappi has been granted a Eurozone-passportable banking license. This is a significant step in the bank’s development and marks a new era in snappi’s journey to become part of the new banking landscape in Europe, starting from Ioannina, Greece. As a fully licensed institution, our goal is to serve our clients and society by offering innovative digital products.”

Gabriella Kindert, who will assume the role of CEO at snappi, emphasized the importance of trust in banking: “We know that banking is built on trust, and receiving the banking license is an important milestone for us. Our aim is to evolve the client banking experience by providing customer-centric, innovative, and competitive financial products and solutions. We believe in fostering a more inclusive banking environment and strive to serve our clients and stakeholders with integrity and excellence.”

Thanasis Navrozoglou, Vice Chairman of snappi’s Board of Directors and President & CEO at Natech, snappi’s technology partner, highlighted the potential for transformative banking experiences: “snappi is all about modern people, and this license unlocks a future of banking experiences that will speak to their hearts. Now, we are focused on rolling out snappi’s digital strategy, leveraging state-of-the-art offerings and cutting-edge technologies for everyone who wants something better. Kudos to the snappi team and everyone who has been passionately working to create this new digital bank from the ground up.”

Strategically headquartered in Ioannina, snappi underscores its commitment to decentralization and regional development. By choosing a location outside the traditional urban centers, snappi aims to support the local community, foster the growth of a regional technology ecosystem, and inspire innovation beyond the Greek capital.

In the lead-up to its public launch, snappi will focus on refining its banking operations and integration points to deliver a superior digital customer experience characterized by high standards of quality and reliability.

For more information about snappi and its innovative banking solutions, visit snappi’s official website .

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