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Home of the Year judge reveals the one item you should never have in your bedroom

Sara Cosgrove, a judge on the popular TV show “Home of the Year,” has shared her insights on creating the perfect bedroom sanctuary.

In an interview with RSVP Home, Cosgrove emphasized the importance of keeping bedrooms clutter-free and analogue, avoiding including items like televisions.

“Bedrooms are sanctuaries and should be analogue without things like TVs, but that’s not always the reality. I would say the least cluttered the better. It’s not great to come home to an unmade bed with things everywhere,” Cosgrove explained.

To maximize storage and minimize clutter, the interior design expert suggested incorporating bedside lockers with drawers or utilizing storage space in a divan bed base. Cosgrove also highlighted the crucial role of lighting in creating a relaxing bedroom atmosphere. “Lighting is everything, I would suggest no down lighting or very little. Add bedside table lamps, reading lights with lowered layered lights,” she advised.

While personal preference plays a significant role in interior design, Cosgrove shared some general rules to ensure good functionality and flow in a space. “Try to avoid walking in on a bedhead. You want to be walking into the bottom of the bed rather than the side of the bed, but that does come down to the individual property,” she said.

For those starting out with interior design, especially in a new and empty space, Cosgrove recommended taking a slow and thoughtful approach. “I would be a real lover of slow interiors instead of rushing things. Take your time and choose carefully,” she said.

Cosgrove, who bought a new house last year, admitted that she still doesn’t have curtains in most of her rooms because she wants to invest in the right ones. “When the curtains do come they will be beautiful. If you take your time, you will find what you’re looking for and at the right price point,” she added.

The interior expert also emphasized the importance of creating an “interior Bible” to ensure a more consistent and cohesive design throughout the home. “If you create an interior Bible, you are much more likely to come out with a more consistent interior. The biggest mistake people make when it comes to interior design is rushing it,” Cosgrove concluded.

“Home of the Year” is currently streaming on RTÉ Player, and more information about Sara Cosgrove’s work can be found at www.saracosgrove.com.

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