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Expert reveals surprising home features that could be draining your property value

Property expert shares his top 5 home features that could be turning off potential buyers and costing you thousands.

In the competitive world of real estate, homeowners looking to sell their properties often focus on enhancing their home’s appeal to potential buyers. However, according to Terry Fisher, Group Chief Marketing Officer at WeBuyAnyHome , a leading cash property buyer in the UK, some surprising home features could be knocking thousands of pounds off your property’s value.

“No-one wants to buy a messy house, or one that looks like it’s falling down, but even the nicer properties have aspects that can affect how much they’ll fetch,” Fisher said. “While everyone has their own tastes and opinions, the best approach is to imagine a very ‘normal’ family living in your house and working out what they would and wouldn’t want.”

Fisher shared his top five home features that could be turning off potential buyers and costing you thousands:

North-facing garden – £5,000

According to Fisher, “Outdoors spaces have become much more desirable in recent years and enjoying as much sunshine as possible is important for many buyers. If you have a lovely garden that faces north you won’t enjoy the full benefit and that is going to hit you in the pocket – up the tune of £5,000.”

No off-road parking – £20,000

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), having a private driveway for charging is becoming increasingly important. “If you have to park on the road, you can’t string wires across the pavement so this can put off buyers and therefore lower the property value,” Fisher explained.

Artificial grass – £15,000

While artificial grass may seem like a low-maintenance solution, Fisher warns that it has become a significant turn-off for modern buyers. “There is an environmental impact, of course, while the look of fake grass just isn’t doing it for modern buyers and it could cost you £15,000 in fees.”

No bath – £6,000

Although walk-in showers and rainforest jets are popular, Fisher emphasizes the importance of having a bathtub. “Many people favour a shower but you have to think who might be buying your house. Families with young children will want a bath while older people also favour it over standing up for a wash.”

Ponds – £5,000

While water features can be attractive, they can also bring problems. “For those with young families, ponds can be dangerous, plus there is the cost to maintain them and also the potential for attracting pests such as rats and mice,” Fisher said. “Put all of these together and you can see why ponds are often seen as undesirable and therefore knock up to five grand off the value of your property.”

As homeowners prepare to sell their properties, it’s essential to consider the potential impact of these surprising home features on their property value. If you address these issues and make necessary changes, sellers can maximize their chances of attracting buyers and securing the best price for their homes.

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