Ukraine’s evacuation ‘angels’ help town’s last residents flee

Ukraine's evacuation 'angels' help town's last residents flee

Few people remain in Avdiivka, a town on Ukraine’s frontline that is bombed relentlessly by Russia.

Its pre-war population was more than 30,000. Now, there are just over 1,000 left. Many have fled, and many killed.

Amid the thud of explosions and rattle of gunfire, a special police unit called the White Angels goes door-to-door helping to evacuate the town’s remaining civilians.

Footage the unit has shared with the BBC shows the desperate conditions those remaining must endure, and how hard it is to leave under constant bombardment.

The officers have to try to convince people to get out, but some refuse – they say they have no where else to go.

The BBC’s Abdujalil Abdurasulov has been examining the footage.


By David Ryckman