Aberdeen: Investors circle a recovering market

Rising oil prices, attractive valuations and the opportunity to tap into higher yields mean that Aberdeen is seeing renewed interest from institutional commercial

Micro-living, macro-life

Developers are starting to think smaller as the European housing shortage gets bigger, writes Frances Robinson. Just south of the

Grand Paris renewal set to unlock real estate market

France’s Grand Paris renewal project – an extensive, multi-year plan to upgrade transportation infrastructure and add significant residential and office space to

Milan: offices are back in vogue

Milan, famous for its fashion, food and football, has become a real estate investment hotspot, as investors tap into Italy's

Lille location, retail opportunities lure companies

Lille, an affluent city in France’s north that is in the centre of Paris, London, and Brussels, could see its

Office owners betting long and strong on London

There is a pair of cranes visible behind a blue partition wall at 21 Moorfields, LandSec’s 52,000 sq.m. development site

MAPIC 2017: Adapting to the new retail order

Retailers and real estate investors in Europe are focusing on premium locations and enhancing the consumer experience, as they adapt to the

2018 CEO Insights – the opportunities and challenges ahead

Will 2018 bring more stable growth... or a market correction? Each year, PIE asks commercial real estate executives to look back

The Hague emerges from Amsterdam’s CRE shadow

The Hague, home to the Netherlands’ government and a large number of international organisations, is attracting more investors after being overshadowed by Amsterdam.

Marseille – The Mediterranean city is undergoing a major transformation

In the opening of the Count of Monte Cristo in 1844, Alexandre Dumas described the famous La Canebière, Marseille’s most

The taste race: shopping centre food reinvented

Twenty-five minutes from Prague’s city centre in the Czech Republic’s first premium outlet centre, developer and manager Neinver is hatching

Frankfurt calling: Brexit loses London passport

A two-minute promo pops up on Facebook. A long-haired boarder navigates the moguls in a skate park. An attractive young

Wiesbaden – Property investment, new developments rejuvenate old spa town

Wiesbaden, which has long been revered as a spa retreat destination, is also becoming a German property hotspot as investors

The student housing revolution

Minutes from Cardiff University, one of the largest higher education institutions in the UK, a group of students are grabbing

Luxembourg office demand boosted by Brexit relocations

Luxembourg City, the capital of the tiny Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is becoming increasingly attractive for real estate investors. Office

Battling Brexit fallout with infrastructure, tech hubs and universities – Birmingham

The property market in the UK’s second-largest city Birmingham could be negatively affected by the country’s decision to leave the

Saving money while saving the planet

Thirty-five storeys above London’s financial district is the city’s highest public park, densely packed with tropical plants, including African lily

Model city of German engineering Stuttgart holds new discoveries for property investors

When Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach developed the first high-speed internal-combustion engine in Stuttgart in the 1880s, they made a