Dublin emerges as a future European powerhouse

A traditional measure of the strength of a city’s office market is pre-leasing levels for new developments, particularly for a city

The mighty, mighty debt funds

Debt investment has become a staple in a modern real estate portfolio as commercial property players navigate the late-stage cycle in Europe. The

City Focus: Dublin emerging as a future European powerhouse

A traditional measure of the strength of a city’s office market is pre-leasing levels for new developments, particularly for a city

PIE Podcast: Connected cities

In this episode of the Property Investor Europe Podcast, we looked at Europe's most connected cities. We spoke with Vanessa

City Focus: Frankfurt’s office market rises as tenants seek quality space

Frankfurt am Main, the financial hub of Germany and the home of the European Central Bank, has roughly 10 high-rise office towers under

The great European housing crisis

The European residential housing market is in the midst of its greatest crisis in a generation. Will the Grand Paris redevelopment

PIE Podcast: Trading property-backed cryptocurrencies

A new alliance between asset manager Avignon Capital and proptech business iYield is helping pave the way for European real estate-backed cryptocurrencies.

PIE Podcast: The rise of robots in Europe’s warehouses

How will robots and automation shape logistics warehouses and locations in Europe? Jon Sleeman, head of EMEA Industrial & Logistics

Hotel owners join forces to create green frameworks

The European hotel industry has taken a sharp, collaborate turn toward sustainability, with investors increasingly sharing proprietary information about strategies

Proceed with caution: risk rises to the top

A combination of conventional wisdom and gallows humour has led commercial real estate executives to observe that the market is 10 years into

Reykjavik: Charting a public-private way forward 

Reykjavik has emerged from the global financial crisis with an exploding tourism industry – and an urgent need for new

Antwerp: Blending history with the future

By all accounts, 2017 was a record year for Antwerp. The Flanders city, which has been at the centre of global trade

Catalonian referendum realigns investor risk

Catalonia’s October decision to vote for independence from Spain has led to a reallocation of capital within the country’s commercial real estate market. Although

Aberdeen: Investors circle a recovering market

Rising oil prices, attractive valuations and the opportunity to tap into higher yields mean that Aberdeen is seeing renewed interest from institutional commercial

Micro-living, macro-life

Developers are starting to think smaller as the European housing shortage gets bigger, writes Frances Robinson. Just south of the

Grand Paris renewal set to unlock real estate market

France’s Grand Paris renewal project – an extensive, multi-year plan to upgrade transportation infrastructure and add significant residential and office space to

Milan: offices are back in vogue

Milan, famous for its fashion, food and football, has become a real estate investment hotspot, as investors tap into Italy's

Lille location, retail opportunities lure companies

Lille, an affluent city in France’s north that is in the centre of Paris, London, and Brussels, could see its