Frankfurt calling: Brexit loses London passport

A two-minute promo pops up on Facebook. A long-haired boarder navigates the moguls in a skate park. An attractive young

Wiesbaden – Property investment, new developments rejuvenate old spa town

Wiesbaden, which has long been revered as a spa retreat destination, is also becoming a German property hotspot as investors

The student housing revolution

Minutes from Cardiff University, one of the largest higher education institutions in the UK, a group of students are grabbing

Luxembourg office demand boosted by Brexit relocations

Luxembourg City, the capital of the tiny Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is becoming increasingly attractive for real estate investors. Office

Battling Brexit fallout with infrastructure, tech hubs and universities – Birmingham

The property market in the UK’s second-largest city Birmingham could be negatively affected by the country’s decision to leave the

Saving money while saving the planet

Thirty-five storeys above London’s financial district is the city’s highest public park, densely packed with tropical plants, including African lily

Model city of German engineering Stuttgart holds new discoveries for property investors

When Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach developed the first high-speed internal-combustion engine in Stuttgart in the 1880s, they made a

Swipe right for real estate

The century so far has been a series of online disruptions. First, the music industry (remember filesharing?), then telecoms, travel,

Investors turn to Finland’s old capital for new opportunities

Two centuries ago, Turku lost out to Helsinki when Emperor Alexander I moved the capital of the Grand Duchy of

From beer pong to running tracks: How the tech office grew up

By Frances Robinson Cast your mind back to the Web 2.0 era – think coders sprawled on beanbags in warehouses.

Unlocking outsized returns in hotel property

By Simon Meads & Julie Cruz   Pension funds, sovereign wealth, insurers and the ultra-rich are homing in on the European

Manchester real estate demand boosted by UK decentralisation and ‘northshoring’

The northern English city of Manchester is experiencing booming demand for property as a result of decentralisation moves, urban regeneration

High-speed rail link set to fuel investment in French wine capital Bordeaux

France's wine capital Bordeaux is attracting growing interest from companies and real estate investors because of the imminent extension of

Paris means business

By Julie Cruz. Ah Paris – the city of love, fashion, haute cuisine, art… and finance. With the menace of a hard Brexit looming, French officials have been on a charm offensive to lure financial institutions away from London.

Polish Tri-City service sector growth offers opportunities to real estate investors

International investors in Polish real estate are looking beyond Warsaw to regional markets which offer good office, retail and warehouse

The PIE cover feature: Northern Lights

The Nordic reputation for stability and reliability is rubbing off on its real estate as investors wrestle with the potential

2017 – The challenges ahead

In good old PIE tradition, we asked CEOs and heads of real estate to look into their crystal ball and foretell the future. What will 2017 hold and how will this past year be remembered?

Sweden’s River City is expanding and opening up to property investors

In 1637, the first Swedish expedition to North America sailed from Gothenburg in search of wealth in the New World.