Nigerians taunt South Africans with Tyla’s song Water after Afcon victory

Nigerians taunt South Africans with Tyla's song Water after Afcon victory
Super Eagles fans celebrating in Lagos, Nigeria - 7 February 2024Getty Images

A video of Nigerians celebrating their football team’s victory over South Africa in the Africa Cup of Nations has gone viral on social media.

In the clip, the Super Eagles fans taunt their rivals by pouring liquid over their bodies while singing the hit Water by South African singer Tyla.

On Sunday, she won Best African Music Performance at the Grammys, beating several Nigerian superstars.

Disappointed Nigerians responded by vowing revenge at the Afcon semi-final.

Nigeria beat South Africa on penalties after the match added 1-1 on Wednesday night.

The hashtag #NGARSA is trending in both African giants, as they poke fun at each other.

The banter has also seen Nigerians telling South Africans their Jollof Rice is better than South Africa’s Bobotie, a spicy mince-meat dish.

But the main focus has been on music – with Nigerians maintaining Afrobeats is in a class of its own, and saying South Africans should stick to dancing to amapiano, the South African blend of hip-hop, soul and slowed-down house music that has also gained global popularity in recent years.

Popular Nigerian pastor Jimmy Odukoya has also joined the jesting by commending Bafana Bafana for their performance despite their defeat, but telling the South African players: “You need water.”

He added: “If it’s any consolation, it’s Grammy water.”

Nigeria will face hosts Ivory Coast in the final on Sunday.

Most South Africans are likely to back the Ivorians.

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