Nestlé axes classic Breakaway bar after 54 years

Nestlé axes classic Breakaway bar after 54 years
Breakaway barNestle UK/PA

Once a staple of school lunchboxes, the classic Breakaway bar has been axed by maker Nestlé.

The chocolate biscuit bar was launched in 1970 but Nestle said it had made the “difficult decision” to discontinue it after a decline in sales.

The company also said it was axing the Yorkie Biscuit bar, not to be confused with the Yorkie chocolate bar, which is “staying for good”.

Fans on social media mourned the end of the road for Breakaway.

“Not happy, in fact incandescent,” said one.

However, many also admitted to not having bought one in years.

“I was a bit sad about Breakaway being axed until I remembered that I haven’t had one since the 80s,” one man said.

Breakaway will no longer be produced from March, Nestlé said, to make way for investment across other products.

“We know fans will be disappointed to see it go, but it’s time for us to say goodbye to Breakaway,” a Nestlé spokesperson said.

“We have seen a decline in the sales of Breakaway over the past few years and unfortunately, we had to make the difficult decision to discontinue it.”

The spokesperson added that company had plenty of new products lined up for 2024: “Watch this space.”

Breakaway is just the latest old school sweet treat to be shelved by Nestlé. Last year, it announced that it would discontinue its Caramac bar after more than 60 years.

Like Breakaway, fans of the caramel bar said they were “devastated” by Nestlé’s decision. One person on X, formerly known as Twitter, lamented: “Rest in peace Caramac.”

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By David Ryckman