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Contact us today for a PIE 2016 Media Pack and advice on how to reach global real estate professionals using these channels.

PIE MONTHLY MAGAZINE is the perfect platform for delivering your thought-leading research ideas, views & analysis, product and vehicle launches. Advertisers and sponsors benefit from the enhanced reach and impact of PIE information products deriving from our new membership of the Pageant Media group.

PIE’S FLAGSHIP WEBSITE is the acknowledged thought-leader platform in European real estate investment news-intelligence, relied on by decision-makers for commercially valuable intelligence, guidance and market/asset strategy guidance. A presence here provides visibility with the world’s real estate professionals.

PIE DAILIES are the most widely read, real-time news intelligence on pan-European real estate. Some 12,000 to 21,000 unique visitors from 147 countries read PIE Dailies every weekday. This is your platform for brand recognition, change announcements, new research, fund launches, to position your company, your brand, your new vehicle or research in the forefront of the industry. And of course, PIE’s global readers can clickthru direct from PIE Daily to your website.

PIE EXPERT VIEW advertorials are 750-word texts that you produce and control (PIE editors can help). They are signed, with author picture and contact email. Published in PIE magazine, they demonstrate expertise, explain re-brandings, new research, products, services or asset strategies. PIE EV’s can be combined with an optional one-week banner on PIE Daily.

PIE BREAKFAST panelist-sponsors benefit from global visibility and personal connectivity with the investment community. Our theme focus is always on opportunity, value, return and risk in the main pan-European real estate markets and asset classes. In 2016 PIE introduces a series of Summits to provide more extensive reviews of pan-European asset types and markets.

Starting in 2016, PIE WEBINARS offer two audio-visual formats moderated by a senior PIE editor: A 40-minute sponsored panel featuring three executives from separate institutions, and a format tailored to individual firms wishing to present new funds, research ideas, their company performance and outlook etc. PIE webinars are live discussions, with recordings open on the PIE website for a month. For information and advice on your best PIE channel to market, email: today!